The aim of Child’s Play Nursery is to ensure that your child’s individual needs are met, by ensuring that we offer care to the highest standards at all times both in safety and education.

Through the development of creativity and encouragement, children are allowed to move freely in the nursery to make choices, enabling each child to reach their full potential in a enjoyable, safe and stimulating environment.

Parents are encouraged to work with staff and become partners in their child’s education. We ensure that a close relationship is formed and maintained between home and nursery. Our policies are available to parents.

We aim to offer your child OPPORTUNITIES to experience the unknown; CHALLENGES to open their minds to the world around them; TIME to question and wonder in their discoveries; SECURITY in knowing they are safe to experiment; CURIOSITY to develop intuition, to feel secure, to enquire question, study and touch; IMITATION to learn about life through activities cooking, gardening, storytelling, singing, rhythm, music and movement, games, drama and creative play.

Ultimately our aim is to provide your child with the right stimulus at the right time to enable their true abilities to unfold.

  • Messy Play Day
  • Harvest Party
  • National Day
  • Posh Paws