What are the class sizes for each year group?
6-14 months Sweet Peas 8 1/3
14-24 months Poppies 16 1/4
22-36 months/32-50 months Sunflowers 20 1/5
FS 1 Blossoms 21 1/7


What are the school hours?

The core hours are from 8 am till 1:00 pm with early drop off from 7:30 am and late classes up to 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm. Child’s Play Nursery has their own Afternoon Program where children are offered a large range of activities such as cooking, painting, yoga, music, etc; all led by our class teachers.

Is there a School Bus Service?

We don’t have a Nursery bus service at the moment but this might change based on parents’ demand. If you are interested in bus service, please contact us.

Where is it located?

We are located just off Al Wasl Road in Al Manara, between Al Thanya and Al Manara street. For more details about where we are, please click here.

When can we visit the school?

We usually do tours in the morning so you can see the Nursery in action. Feel free to contact us to book a tour.; our phone number is: 04 – 348 – 0788
Our amazing team will be happy to assist you.

How can I register my child?

You can register your child through our website or by contacting our reception team by email: admin@childsplaynurserydubai.com

When do the extra-curricular activities start?

Child’s Play Nursery offers the following extra-curricular activities every term:

  • Ballet
  • Gymnastics
  • Football

Should you be interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What additional activities/trips can the children get involved in?

At Child’s Play Nursery, our Foundation class goes on a school trip once a term. In the past, we have visited the Fire Station, the animal sanctuary and more. We support parent partnerships effectively through participation of family days, which include International Days/celebrations for both National Day and Chinese New Year and Diwali and Winter concerts and sports days and “ Messy “ play days.

What languages are available and when do the children start a language?

At Child’s Play Nursery, we put a strong emphasis on languages. Therefore, we are really proud to offer a language class daily to all our children (French on Sunday and Monday and Arabic on Tuesday/Wednesday and Thursday) across all ages.

Do children have music classes?

We currently have a full time music teacher who offers a combination of dance, movement, speech and language activities on a daily basis. Our Music teacher plays a variety of music instruments such as piano, guitar, drums, etc. Each age group has music class everyday for 30min.

What are the nationalities of the teachers?

All teachers are appropriately qualified with qualifications that are regulated by the Ministry of Education guidelines. Our teachers are from various nationalities including England and South Africa, due to the multicultural nature within the nursery.

What is the provision for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities children?

We accept children with additional needs and disabilities, and are currently working with the Wilson Centre in nursery to offer support across a wide range of therapy sessions. We do have a small range of children with additional needs, who we can support within nursery. Our nursery manager works in partnership with parents and outside agencies, to ensure that each child receives the appropriate intervention at early stages and is offered the same chances as every child within nursery. Child’s Play nursery supports inclusion, diversity and equality to high standards.

Who is the principal and how long has she/he been at the school?

Mrs Aurore Robinot is the Nursery Manager at Child’s Play Nursery. Aurore has been in Dubai for 10 years and has been managing Nurseries for eight years. Aurore is passionate about helping and watching children grow, develop and achieve. She believes effective communication and daily verbal exchanges between staff members and parents are paramount and she believes in the power of people working together to achieve greatness.

Aurore started her Early Years Education career as a teacher and progressed into management positions, quickly building a solid track record in developing early years centres.

Besides her Nursing degree from France, she also completed CACHE 3 in 2012 and a PGCE in 2014 with The University of Nottingham, focusing her research project on children’s understanding in Early Years. Two years ago, Aurore completed her Master’s degree in Education Leadership and Management.

What are the main facilities?

Located in a large villa in Al Manara, the building hosts large bright well resourced classrooms, covering all 7 areas of development within the EYFS curriculum, a separate music room, two indoor gym areas (soft gym area and an older area), a large kitchen where children can participate in cooking activities with teachers, and a large outside play area which includes a running track, various pieces of fixed equipment that supports physical development and a large water area with water jets. In the cooler months this is changed to a sports /grass area.

Additional comments and features: Including, location, residential areas, supermarkets etc.

Child’s Play Nursery is located down from J3 Mall on Al Wasl Road – opposite Al Shawari School.

The address is villa 48 – Street 15 – Al Manara 

Contact Information

Email – admin@childsplaynurserydubai.com nurserymanager@childsplaynurserydubai.com

OR telephone 04 348 0788