Welcome to our new Child’s Play Nursery’s online programme for Early Years!


  • 3 live class sessions every day including (Circle Time/Maths/Phonics/Songs/Physical Development/Games)
  • A complimentary daily French class
  • A weekly parental discussion with the class teacher to support you and understand your child’s needs
  • 5 daily courses on Seesaw
  • 1 daily lesson plan
  • 1 daily music class on Seesaw

Meet our Team


Miss Aurora has been in Dubai for more than 10 years. She comes from France, and aside from being the Nursery Manager at Child’s Play Nursery, she also teaches French. She will be teaching French to your little ones during the live sessions, and she can’t wait to get to know you and share her passion for languages!


Miss Natasha comes from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and moved to Dubai nine years ago. She has been teaching for the past four years and holds a CACHE Level 3. Natasha finds it fulfilling to help children unlock their potential and talents and believes that each child is unique and should be valued and developed as an individual. She believes the only way of doing this is to ensure that every child is given ample opportunity to learn through real and meaningful hands-on experiences relevant to their interests and needs.


Miss Camilla has been in Dubai for almost five years. She holds a Cache Level 3 and believes that learning through play is an essential aspect of quality early childhood education. Therefore one of her goals is to focus on play-based learning and provide children with opportunities to explore and discover, to question and predict, to wonder, imagine, and take chances.


Miss Georgina moved from England to Dubai in 2018, where she began teaching as an early years practitioner, after gaining her degree in England. Miss Georgina believes her prime duty is to inspire the children through play and enjoyment to learn to grow and develop their skills in a safe and encouraging environment. Her main goal is to ensure each child has the best possible start to their education.

Discounted fees for the next 3 months:

3 live classes3 live classes
1 French class1 French class
1 weekly parental discussion (1 on 1)1 weekly parental discussion (1 on 1)
5 daily courses on Seesaw5 daily courses on Seesaw
1 daily lesson plan1 daily lesson plan
3,335 AED3,750 AED

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The most comprehensive live virtual classroom experience for children aged 1 to 3 years!

Effectively combining the warmth of social interaction with educational excellence, while also encouraging independence, this programme closely mirrors the benefits of nursery-based learning and requires minimal involvement from families. We know that families are busy supporting the whole house-hold at the current time.

We are proud to be breaking away from more traditional online learning methods and to be leading the field in an enhanced new approach to distance learning.

In one word, interaction is what makes our programme unique.

The biggest challenge, and frustration, associated with online learning versus nursery-based learning is the lack of real time face-to-face interaction.

Starting from Sunday 5th April at Child’s Play Nursery, we are introducing daily live sessions in addition to our 5 daily courses delivered via SeesawThe emphasis will be to practice and reinforce key concepts whilst the children interact with their teacher, developing important communication and social skills.

Please see below what a typical day looks like.

One of the key objectives of our new online programme is to encourage the children to work with their teachers and rely less on the support of their families.

We have designed every live session so that it can be supervised by any adult in the family (parents, nannies, grandparents, etc.) with minimal involvement on their part so that language is never a barrier. Our teachers will be leading the activity.

Our aim is to allow parents to continue to fulfil their own roles as effectively as possible, while their children engage in their Early Years learning in preparation for their school education. If your children are not available at the time of our live sessions, a recording of the lesson will be available via Seesaw on the same day.

In line with the Early Years curriculum, our mission is to make sure that children are well prepared and ready for the next year’s programme and do not fall behind in any way. The programme will foster and strengthen the seven curriculum areas of learning considered essential for children’s progress in spite of the current challenges we face.

The live sessions will be key to bringing to life and consolidating the video courses delivered via Seesaw daily, which include maths, phonics, storytime, songs, physical development, creativity and sensory activities.

In addition to the core curriculum, we will be also adding an optional and complementary French lesson into the programme. This will be conducted live on a daily basis with each age group.