Welcome to the ‘Sunflowers’ Class!

Nursery for 2-Year-Olds

At age 2+ children transfer to the Nursery Room which offers a more structured environment than that of the Toddler Room. Most children of this age respond well to routine because it enables them to be confident and aware of the world around them. The children are stimulated and encouraged with a wide range of activities including phonics, mark making, music and movement, dance, painting, creative activities, messy play, sand and water play, construction, role play, table top activities and much more. For those who do not need to nap during the day, a quiet area is provided for quiet activities or storytelling. Throughout the day, there will be times when the children are in larger groups and times when they are in small groups or enjoying 1:1 time with their key person or another practitioner.

One of the main aims for the nursery for the 2-year-old age range is developing their personal, social and emotional skills, i.e. learning to take turns and share toys, communicating and establishing relationships with peers and adults. This is achieved by learning through play and informed planning through observation. Children learn by example and can develop more quickly in groups of children of a similar age/stage of development, particularly with regard to potty training, eating and social skills.


Play Areas